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  • Easily Open your Trading School on our Traders Mentoring Hub

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  • Track Usage and Feedback
  • Dynamic payouts options (per usage , fixed, one time )

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  • Open your branded trading or education center, or upgrade your existing one

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  • Advanced marketing and retention tools based on the education content

For Trading Mentors

As a broker, financial blog owner or an affiliate, you have a constant demand in high quality educational content that will keep visitors engaged on your website.

The competition is fiercer than ever, and average content does no longer suffice. Yet, creating interesting, relevant content is a burden for most business, and here is where TraderZAcademy steps in.

We will make your visitors, readers, or traders mesmerized by your services and come back looking for more. The costs for your business are minimal and extremely competitive.

Trading mentors/ educators/ content writers

If you have a solid knowledge of trading and fiance, and are passionate about helping people, but want to avoid the hassle and costs of maintaining your own website - you have arrived at the right place.

At TraderZAcademy you can easily and quickly set up your own trading school or upload your educational content. We provide you with the interface and introduce you to clients who will be using your services.

Forget worrying about technical problems and marketing your services. We do all of this for you. Then, you will get paid per usage, and will be able to easily track actions and receive feedback about your content.

Who is Vladimir Ribakov

Vladimir Ribakov is a professional Forex trader and mentor with a public track record of over 12 years. His Forex blog has attracted hundreds of thousands of regular followers, and his educational club, Traders Academy Club, is a one stop shop for Forex, stocks and cryptocurrency traders. Yet, the club is limited to Vladimir’s trading methods, and cannot encompass the large scale needs of brokers, blog owners and affiliates.

After receiving countless of requests from companies who inquired about receiving customized educational content and webinars, as well as from content writers or traders who wanted to contribute from their own knowledge, Vladimir and his team have founded TraderZAcademy - that provides the optimal solution for both parties.

About TraderZAcademy Project

Our mission statement is to improve the trading world, and to maximize profitability for all parties by making the highest quality trading information accessible both to traders and to companies.

We are doing this on 2 levels:

Brokers / affiliates/ blog owners- we understand that sometimes due to time or resources limitations, you are bound to accept mediocre content. Yet, engaging content is the face of your company and should not be compromised. You no longer have to pay a lot of money for articles or videos prepared by anonymous writers. Now, using TraderZAcademy club, you get to receive the best ebooks, webinars, articles and market reviews by REAL traders.

Traders/ Trading Mentors/ content writers - after a careful screening process, with provide individuals with an opportunity to easily set up their own trading school on our website, and we match them to potential clients. Payments are transparent and are done per usage. The sky is the limit here: you can upload as much content as you would like, and constantly improve it according to the feedback you receive.

Our Community Of Traders

Our trading mentors are real people who were not born natural traders, and they worked very hard to get to where they are today. They target the content to real people of all trading levels and of all backgrounds. New trading mentors will be carefully screened- both in terms of their experience and their language skills.

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